What is it about

Truth be told, even experienced practitioners face blockages at times. There are times we feel the disconnection between body and mind. From beginners to advance, we all may need some tips and advise every now and then.

This is what this workshop is about – helping you to break down barriers and enhance your practice. Whether you need to make modifications, or just remembering how to breathe right, you’ve come to the right place. This workshop is the perfect guide for all yoga practitioners, whether you’re doing yoga for weight loss & health, building up strength, or just taking the time to relax.

Soon, you’ll be turning your living room into a yoga studio.

What are the benefits

  • Breaking down barriers body and mind
  • Enhancing your practice
  • How to modify your practices 
  • Breathing and meditation techniques to help you in your practices

Workshop details

  • Daily Asana practice
  • Utilising props to enhance your yoga practice
  • Modifying and learning to make necessary adjustments to your asana practice
  • In-depth review of key common injuries in Yoga and how to overcome them
  • Learning about Pranayama, how to practise it and its benefits
  • An extensive Q&A session to clarify queries / doubts

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Anyone who is looking to gain a deeper insight into your mind and body, whilst deepening your practice

☞ If you’re ready to release the tension and feel revitalised, sign up here.