Arm balances in Yoga, embody a sense of strength, grace and focus. They develop core strength, keep the bones sturdy, sharpen mental discipline as well as help us connect with the present moment. Arm balances require both strength and flexibility in order to lift your feet off without falling on your face. Hence, here are the 4 reasons you should try arm balances today!


  1. Full Body Toning

Arm balance involves not only the arms but also the core, wrists, shoulders and the legs. In fact, every part of the body needs to lift itself in order to take your feet off the ground. A strong and engaged core, back and legs help to protect the arms and wrists from strain and injury. By practising arm balances, it can effectively tone up the whole body.


  1. Prevent Osteoporosis & Build Upper Body Strength

Our upper body is rarely challenged with all these sitting down positions and lack of regular work with the arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen, hence arm balances are a great way to counter a more sedentary lifestyle. When we try to lift our body up, every part of the body is engaged and leaving the arms to focus on the task at hand. The entire upper body is strengthened. Strong and stable upper bodies can protect the vulnerable shoulder joints and strengthen the upper body muscles and bones to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.



  1. Balance the Body, Mind and Soul

Arm balances challenge the mind and body to balance. The balance of the body is attained through the alignment of body awareness, focused attention and the attempt initiative. This directly keeps the mind to focus on the moment and invites intention. Subconsciously, we will try to lighten our body and allows the soul to be light enough to fly. Hence, by practising arm balance, it invites a connection between your body, mind and soul.


  1. Prevent Injury & Fall

By practising any balance pose, including arm balances, it helps to strengthen the balance reflexes and prevent falls. Rather than try to regain later what you have lost, it is easier to build and maintain strength and bone density earlier in life. So with strengthened muscles and bones, you will be less prone to lose balance and injure as well as avoid a major injury when you fall.


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