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In this age of technology, Kids Yoga provide young children with time to unplug from technology and ignite creativity and imagination through movement and self-expression. Kids Yoga also provides an opportunity for children to reflect inwardly and gain insight to their body, mind, and spirit.  The advantages of technology cannot be denied, but parents need to understand that excessive usage of mobile devices can impact the health of their young children and what they can do to combat these problems.

What are the Health Risks of Tech Addiction in Kids?

Kids who excessively overuse mobile devices are at the risk of developing problems with concentration, impulsiveness and poor memory which can result in behavioral and learning difficulties. The lack of physical activities resulted in an increasing number of children facing the problem of coordination and obesity. Children who are more obese have higher chances of developing hypertension, high cholesterol (which are at risk for future cardiovascular disease) and type 2 diabetes. They may also end up developing posture issues as they adopt “comfortable” positions which places huge pressure on their back and neck muscles.

How Kids Yoga Manage Problems Arising from Tech Addiction?

1. Kids Yoga Heightens Concentration & Focus

Through meditation and calming technique, Kids Yoga can improve a child’s cognitive function and concentration. School and studies becomes a positive experience for them due to the increase in the level of productivity. A study conducted revealed that 20 minutes of yoga and meditation can improve the accuracy and speed of a child’s brain functioning test. Implying that lessons learnt from Kids Yoga can improve a child’s mental performance and ability to perform tasks!

2. Kids Yoga Helps Combat Obesity

Kids Yoga has proved to be very beneficial for children battling obesity. This holistic tradition is being practiced around the world, with promising results. Kids Yoga treats the body and mind by building mental strength of young children, while matching their physical progress at the same time. Through a series of gentle postures, breathing exercises and meditation technique which not only treats obesity but also creates a healthy and firm determination to fight of the condition. Unlike most child obesity exercises that are strenuous and frustrating for young children, Kids Yoga leaves the child energized and positive at the end of the day!

3. Kids Yoga Refines Coordination & Balance

One of the key elements in yoga is balance! Balancing poses help foster physical and mental poise through the consistent effort of trying these poses. Children that have difficulty balancing on one foot may fall. However, through the process of falling and trying again, they strengthen their mental and physical balance. Throughout the process of trying to improve their physical balance, they will be filled with a sense of accomplishment. Balance is also closely associated to coordination and promotes overall dexterity in a child.

4. Kids Yoga Improves Posture

It’s important to take steps early to improve posture as bad posture can develop into a hunched back (postural kyphosis). Good posture is when your child’s back has the least amount of strain placed on it through keeping bones and joints aligned properly, allowing muscles to be used properly as well. The good news is proper posture can come from practicing yoga consistently! Kids Yoga is a fun way to help your child achieve better posture without constant reminders from you. By building holistic strength, increasing flexibility, and improving alignment, the health of the entire back and body will benefit as well!

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