What is it about

You would never think something as simple as a chair can help you in your practice? Well, it’s definitely possible! This common household item can be a great aid to you, be it for modifications, assistance, or to even perform poses you didn’t think you could.

Using the chair, you’ll learn how to execute Hatha and Vinyasa poses, as well as understand how to make adaptations if needed. Perfect for beginners or even advance practitioners, you’ll find yourself deepening your practice and enjoying yoga in a whole new light.

What are the benefits

  • Activate muscles you couldn’t previously
  • Deepen your stretches
  • Increase range of mobility
  • Prevent any aggravation of previous injuries

Workshop details

  • Learn the different types of poses
  • How to adapt these poses accordingly using the chair
  • Understand how to adapt your breathing accordingly

Things to be aware of

  • Do not push your body; adaptations to poses are possible
  • Previous injuries – do highlight this to the instructor and perform adaptations if needed

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Anyone is able to join this workshop
  • If you do suffer from any previous injury, please inform the instructor beforehand


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