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What is it about

Aroma Yoga for pain management is combining the wellness of Yoga practice with aromatherapy to help manage conditions better.

Through the use of natural essential oils extracted from fresh plants, aromatherapy helps bring therapeutic relief and invigorate the senses. Whether by smell or topical application to the skin, essential oils can improve your health.

In this workshop, discover how Aroma Yoga can help alleviate pain and bring relief.

What are the benefits?

Combining essential oils with yoga practice offers a new and powerful access to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits, both on and off the mat.Some benefits you can potential enjoy include:

  • Improving productivity through reduced stress and increased attentiveness
  • Experiencing better sleep
  • Reducing inflammation as well as bacteria, funguses and viruses
  • Lowering anxiety and pain levels
  • Relieving headaches and reducing nausea
  • Having a mood boost

Workshop details

The first hour covers the theory aspect of Aroma Yoga and pain management, followed by another hour of physical practice and 30 minutes of relaxation.

Things to be aware of

This workshop is not suitable for pregnant ladies and those who are sensitive or allergic to essential oils.

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone who wants to explore and learn more about how Aroma Yoga can help with pain management.

☞ If you’re ready to delight your senses and discover what Aroma Yoga can offer, sign up here.