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What is it like being a Ballet Barre instructor? Hmm…I would say fun, challenging and also rewarding! However, not many people know about the works go behind standing there, looking effortlessly easy while pulsing and crunching with you during the class. We asked our Barre instructor, Joanna, to spill some tea about what it’s actually like to be a Barre instructor!

Before we start, if you are unfamiliar about what is barre workout, read more here.

1.  Meet Great People

Being a Barre Instructor is really fun! Aside from getting paid to workout (and stay healthier, living longer), it is a joy to meet motivated clients who want to push themselves to be their best. You can play around with movements, with the music, and make a huge, positive impact on someone’s day, and their health by teaching a great class. Not only that, you will get to meet a bunch of people who enjoy the same fun, push through the class with people that share a similar passion, and get inspired by different students who walk through your class. That’s one of the best parts of this job!


2. Get Satisfaction

You learn how to motivate others, tone your body, and pace yourself – nuanced things that are hard to learn in general. The real payoffs come from seeing your clients and students grow and gain strength, mobility, stability, and body awareness as they move through class. You can see people transform from someone who has a hard time balancing or can’t do a push-up, to improving their coordination, doing ten pushups in a row, and becoming someone who leads the class, with newcomer’s eyes on them as an example. 


3. Learn the Art of Pacing

Pacing yourself – you learn what is too much, and how to adjust to the music and exercises to make this class something that will work for you, and not against you. It is important to attune to your heart rate, strength, and check-in with yourself during a workout and I’m happy to say my students have really picked up on this. 


4. Get A Strong Body!

You are toned top to toe and have great cardio health – your heart and lungs are really healthy, you get better balance and stronger knees, hips, and ankles. Your upper body strength really improves, your butt looks great, and you are strong enough to support yourself through activities of daily living. 

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