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 Want to teach Barre and curious about the process of becoming a Ballet Barre Instructor? Today, Joanna will be sharing with us on her personal anecdote on her journey as a Barre Instructor!


Share with us how you came to know about Barre?

J: I first came to know about Barre when I was in New York! My friend took me to a ballet workout class, and I was imagining slow balletic moves. Boy was I was wrong about it being a traditional dance class! It was hard, and I remember thinking “How is this possible?” But seeing different instructors teach in a variety of ways that hit every part of my body made me appreciate barre as a whole body workout.


 Why did you decide to become a Barre Instructor?

J: I kept going to different Barre class types and saw how different instructors taught. Learning from people who really knew Pilates and anatomy well and could apply targeted knowledge to how to properly engage muscles was a whole new eye-opener.

It took me a year of practising barre on a regular basis to build up the stamina and confidence to teach barre. I wanted to feel ready to be able to do everything with ease and talk through it at the same time – but this Barre TTC is different – you don’t have to be in perfect form. You just have to have the passion to learn more in-depth knowledge about anatomy, positioning your body, and moving well.


 What’s the difference between being a Barre Instructor vs a student?

J: It’s easier to follow instructions than to give them! That’s what I’ve found. Being a Barre instructor empowers you to bring the joy of movement to your students and you have a certain responsibility and ensuring that everyone is working safely to the best of their ability. The biggest difference is really knowing how to initiate movements and where this action is coming from, ensuring a targeted, precise workout. The biggest challenge is coordinating musicality, modifying for conditions, and having a set class plan in your brain at the same time.


How does your background in Dance, Aerial and Pilates help you with teaching Barre?

J: I love giving great stretches in all directions and want to help make movements as accessible as possible. My love of dance and intuitive movements comes in handy and gives me a lot of empathy when teaching new students how to pick up movements! My studio Pilates background helps a lot when it comes to creating new ways to target certain muscles.  


  Share with us your most memorable teaching experience?

J: I don’t have one particular memorable teaching experience but it is those are such a joy to see everyone moving together to the music and really owning these barre moves – we look like a music video come to life. The biggest gift comes from seeing how clients improve and gain confidence in their movement and strength.


What do you hope your students can take away from your classes?

J: I hope they gain awareness of their body, find perseverance and strength, as well as a healthy dose of positive motivation to keep fit. I hope they take the knowledge of postural awareness from class into their everyday lives to live their best possible, healthy lives.


 Any advice for anyone thinking about becoming a Barre Instructor? 

J: Dance. Go to Barre class. Attend Pilates class. Just go have fun and see what you love about other teachers teaching styles and combined all together to give people the best possible class in your opinion.


Joanna's Journey To Become A Jal Instructor | Jal Yoga

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