What is it about

Did you know that you build strength and balance with the Yoga Wheel?

Whether you’ve used the Yoga Wheel before or are totally new to it, you can benefit by adding it to your practice! 

Through our workshop, explore creative ways to experience familiar poses that typically seem out of reach. Also, learn how the Yoga Wheel can help you to release tension as well as build mobility and flexibility in your body – especially the spine, hips and shoulders. 

What are the benefits

  • Learn to safely develop your backbend technique
  • Gain more flexibility and mobility
  • Do difficult stretches in a safe manner
  • Improve your spine health through the simultaneous extension and flexion of the spine when using the Yoga Wheel

Workshop details

  • Simple warm up using the Yoga Wheel
  • Hip opening poses
  • Intermediate / advanced backbends
  • Cool down & Shavasana

Things to be aware of

  • If you have existing injuries, do consult your doctor and inform our instructor beforehand
  • Safe distancing measures and guidelines as implemented by the Singapore Government and Jal Yoga

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Anyone who wants to learn to use the Yoga Wheel safely and confidently
  • Not suitable for those with spinal injuries or slipped disc


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