Meditation has been proven to improve several areas of our lives including work productivity. Workplace interventions such as yoga and meditation practices have shown to reduce burnout and mood disturbances in healthcare providers and improve sleep quality among teachers.

Meditation brings many benefits as it settles our mind into the present moment, brings the hurried mind to calm through habitual practice in a world overloaded with rapid desires and distractions arising in the mind and the heart. If you are still unconvinced of its effects: The practice has been proven to make you more productive at work.

Meditation For Workplace Productivity | Jal Yoga

Allowing our minds to rest recharges our capacity to think and check our intentions. The ability to rest between thoughts also improve focus and memory, resulting in a better planning capacity, reduction of stress to enhancing our creativity, when we are able to stop the repeated thoughts that run non-stop in our heads. Best of all, meditation doesn’t cost a cent to practice.

A daily practice will supercharge your mind. You will become more energized and refreshed, and not fall victim to the fatigue that makes it almost impossible to concentrate. You will learn to let go of non-essential activities that prevent you from taking your time and doing your best on the important things. The practice of mindfulness gives you great clarity on what is important in life and what is a complete waste of time and energy — and will help you break free from the time-wasting activities. Meditation promotes a sense of peace and well-being, which in turn makes you feel good about everything you do. This increases motivation and happiness with everyday tasks. You’ll gain fresh perspectives on life and on the activities you need to devote yourself to; new perspectives aid in problem-solving and reduce stress even further because you come to see that there are options.

Mindfulness | Meditation | Jal Yoga

Regular meditation helps to open creative doorways in the brain. With increased focus, problem-solving skills get more creative and new ideas enter the mind more freely. Many people believe that Steve Jobs was so successful in coming up with new and innovative ideas for Apple thanks to a regular practice. As someone who maintained a regular meditation practice and was one of the first corporate leaders to implement in-office mindfulness programs, it’s no doubt that some of Apple’s success is due to his disciplined mental focus and control.

You can start meditating by installing a meditation app or head down to the nearest yoga studio with a meditation class.


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