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Cleansing can mean a lot of things – from colon cleansing, to doing a whole body detox with tea. The reason why people do cleansing programs or detoxes vary from person to person. Perhaps, you have issues with sinuses or maybe you want to lose weight? Maybe you want to keep your organs clean and healthy. Well, we have a program that caters to all that!

Leela Cleanse™ is a cleansing program that helps with all three problem points: sinuses, weight loss and organ health!

Here are some benefits of Leela Cleanse:

  • Clear sinus congestion: cleanse your respiratory system


Imagine this: You wake up in the morning, energised from a night’s worth of sleep but…your sinus gets in the way of everything! Your nose is blocked, you’re constantly blowing into a tissue. You’re grumpy and irritated and it messes up your whole mood for the day. What’s worst? You’re wishing it will all go away but it doesn’t – Does this story sound familiar to you?

Don’t worry, with our Leela Cleanse program, we do a nasal cleansing that will help you fight your sinuses and strengthen your respiratory tract. This helps you breathe better, look better and feel better too!

  • Weight loss: cleanse your bad habits


Our Leela Cleanse requires at least 3 months of Yoga practice, simply because we have specially choreographed yoga classes that are of higher intensity. You will burn fat, lose weight and gain confidence throughout the program. We also provide nutritional consultation that will educate you on ways to fix your daily diet without having to skip meals, going on liquid diets or starving yourself. With Leela Cleanse, you are sure to lose weight healthily.

  • Better organ health: cleanse your organs


Besides nasal cleansing, we also do stomach and intestinal cleansing that will help flush out unwanted toxins from your body. This process of purifying your organs will help you start afresh. Coupled with the nutritional advice and specially crafted lessons you’ll be getting, you will start developing a positive mindset which is good for your overall well-being too.

Overall, the Leela Cleanse™ will really help you overall – be it in terms of weight loss or simply just to tackle your annoying morning sinuses.


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