A Gentle Note Of Assurance To All Our Friends


In light of COVID-19, Jal Yoga has stepped up on the precautionary measures and tightened the procedures in efforts to avoid disruption and provide a safe and comfortable practice environment for our members and staff. Below are the measures put in place:


  1. With the latest travel advisory alert issued by MOH, we kindly ask all members/visitors who have a recent travel history to any overseas countries within the last 14 days to refrain from entering the studio. Suspension of membership is available especially for members who are under home quarantine or Stay-Home Notice (subject to case by case).
  2. Temperature screening will be conducted for all members, visitors and staff coming into the studio. Members/visitors with a temperature above 37.5°Cwould be advised to see a doctor instead of entering the studio. We advise arriving to class 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time as you may experience delays at the temperature check-point.
  3. Jal Yoga reserves the right to obtain contact details and travel and contact history of anyone entering the Jal Yoga for contact tracing purposes.
  4. Hand sanitizers are provided at the reception counter.
  5. We also encourage you to wash your hands with soap provided pre and post-class.
  6. There will be regular disinfection of surface areas members frequently come in contact with i.e. mat, floor, cardboard etc.
  7. The maximum capacity of classes has also been reduced to allow for more space between participants.
  8. Our instructors have been advised to minimise physical adjustments during classes. They will instead emphasise on verbal corrections and demonstrations during classes.
  9. We have encouraged our instructors to limit the use of props in our classes to only when it is necessary. There will be a temporary suspension of classes that require extensive usage of props, such as Chair Yoga.

Please note that Jal Yoga reserves the right to refuse anyone from attending any classes if they exhibit any signs of illness, not limited to fever, shortness of breath, cough and other symptoms of cold or flu.We seek your cooperation in adopting these precautionary measures and good personal hygiene practices.