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Posture plays a key part in our lives. When we don’t take note of our posture, we are prone to spinal misalignment which can cause a lot of pain and frustration, making it difficult for you to do the bare minimum. However, have you ever wondered what’s the prime cause of spinal misalignment?

As we go about our daily activities, we unknowingly develop bad habits that are detrimental to our health in the long run. One thing that all of us are guilty of is not being aware of our posture. We know it’s much easier to lay back and laze in your office chair than sit up straight all the time but are you aware that it may cause spinal misalignment over time? 😰

In fact, here are some other things you do every day that may contribute to spinal misalignment:

  • Sleeping in the wrong position

Ever woke up in the morning with a dull pain in your lower back? It could be due to the way you sleep! The ideal sleeping position is when your ears, hips and shoulders are aligned. If you find yourself constantly waking up in weird positions that cause lower back pain or numbness, maybe it’s time to invest in a body pillow. Avoid sleeping on your belly as it puts pressure on your spine’s arch and neck and that can also lead to neck or back pain.


  • Poor Diet

This applies not just to spinal health but your overall health and wellness – eating junk food and not drinking water will really mess up your system! Without proper nutrients, your spine is more susceptible to injury. Staying hydrated helps our joints maintain proper lubrication and suppleness and it is the easiest way to take care of your spine. Keep yourself hydrated by getting up to 8 glasses of water a day – try downloading a water tracker application on your phone that alerts you to drink up throughout the day.


  • High Heels

Research has shown that even by wearing heels for a short period of time, the upper body, lumbar spine and pelvis are all negatively affected. Wearing high heels for prolonged periods of time can cause you to develop lumbar hyperlordosis also known as a saddle back or hollow back. Heels also force you to alter the alignment of your spine, putting you at a potential risk of developing back pain. As much as possible, try to get heels that have a good, strong arch and sufficient cushioning for comfort and support.


  • Chemical forces

Chemical forces can range from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption to other factors like pollution and processed foods. These chemicals upset the body’s natural chemistry, affecting your muscle tone which directly affects spine alignment. Smoking also decreases bone density and weakens your cardiovascular system which reduces your mobility. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant – heavy drinking can cause nerve damage, muscle weakness and lead to chronic lower back pain too.


  • Having Poor Posture

We are all guilty of this! Be it watching a movie in the cinema, doing work at your desk or standing in line for the bus, we have to take note of our posture. Slouching and hunching your back is a tell-tale sign that you have poor posture. Having poor posture can lead to back pain and stress. Besides taking note of your posture as you go about your daily activities, one way to improve your posture is to stretch lightly in the morning and before you go to bed. If you have a desk-bound job, remember to take walking breaks now and then to help blood circulate and also reduce the risk of back pain.

There are many other everyday things that we do that could potentially put us at risk of spinal misalignment. Therefore, we have to take action now! Be wary of how we stand and how we sit for instance, that’s already a step in the right direction.

At Jal Yoga, we offer a Posture Saviour program that helps you assess your spine health and posture. If you experience lower back pains or stiffness in your neck and shoulders or if you suspect that your spine is misaligned – this program is for you. Created to specifically address these issues, the program starts with a posture assessment and then moves on to a rehab session. The program will help you realign your spine, relieve the pain in your back and give you the proper posture you desire.

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