Have you ever had one of those days where the entire world seems to be conspiring against you?  You hit every red light on the way to work, the internet is down so you can’t send out that important email, and when you call to make dinner reservations your favourite restaurant is full until next month. Days like this can make even the sweetest person feel frustrated and a feeling of “why me?”  For those times when you wish you had a punching bag to take out your aggravation on something before someone sets you over the edge, yoga and yogic teachings can help you with your frustration!

Here, Jal Yoga Instructors share their best tools and tips to ease frustration and encourage patience for yourself.


1.Support, a calming yoga flow and silent Mediation | Inan

Music is a great way for one to calm themselves down. For Inan, she puts on the music and allows her body to flow along with it from one Yoga pose to another. ” When I tune into the sensation within my body as I move, while observing my quality of breath the yoga flow becomes a moving meditation which leaves me feeling light and calm.” In addition, Inan also finds it helpful to reach out to her best friend for support really helps to relax and move out from the frustration. Last but not least, on days where she doesn’t have time to do so, she gives herself a 10-minute silent meditation to ground and balances her emotions.


2. Learning to control your emotions with your Breath | Pearl

” The mind is the king of the senses, but the breath is the king of the mind” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika

When Pearl finds herself feeling frustrated, Pranayama breathing techniques are her go-to. She recommends this technique for people who wants to try this at home.

  • Start by sitting quietly and closing your eyes.
  • Next, start to breathe in for 4 counts and breathe out for 6 counts
  • Once you get these basics down, try to increase your exhale to 8 counts.
  • Make sure to keep your exhale longer than your inhale.

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the central nervous system. By doing this breathing technique it stimulates the vagus nerve which is related to the parasympathetic system of the body. By stimulating this part of the nerve, it triggers the body into a relaxed mode.


3. Sun Salutations, Pranayama & Meditation | Hrushikesh

Psychology says frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed due to inability to achieve success from the ongoing work or an aspiration. It is the result of a lack of coordination with the body and mind as well as uncontrolled mental activity.

For Hrushikesh, he finds that keeping up with his Yoga practice is the way of balancing body and mind due to the coordination between these 2 faculties. “Yoga helps one develops consciousness and creates awareness within. The regular practice of Yoga promotes the mindfulness, clarity and tranquillity and then help the individual to work efficiently. Sun salutation is the collection asana series the practice of which helps to manage the frustration.”

He also finds Pranayama as one of the best ways to control the mind and overcome the frustration. Yoga believes that breath and mind has got equilibrium connection. As long as the breathings are unsteady, the mind also remains unsteady. When the breath is controlled, mind automatically comes under our control and vice-versa. This is the Principle of pranayama.
So in any case of psychological disturbances like frustration, anger. Anxiety, stress or strain, pranayama helps the Individual to uplift from that situation. Pranayama like Nadi shuddhi, Anuloma -Viloma, Ujjayi, Chandra bhedana, Bhramari is the breathing practices which helps to overcome the frustration.

Last but not least, he also finds meditation and relaxation techniques helps to not only manage but also overcome the psychological disturbances. Meditation has the capacity to alleviate the root cause of the issue when practised with greater involvement. Any emotional changes are brought back to normal and it supports the individual to sustain in that balanced state of mind.


4. Heart openers, a relaxing massage, herbal tea and a good night rest | Sarah

Sarah finds that asanas that help open up the chest are one of the best ways to release negative emotions. That is because negative emotions and tensions are often stored at where your heart is. So that’s where the trusty Jal wheel comes in handy for her to help open up my chest when I go into backbends with the aid of the wheel. “I try to hold and relax in the pose for at least 10 counts, maintaining deep long breaths, while relaxing the shoulders in the pose!”

She also finds that going for a full body massage really soothes her emotions. Most of the time, the source of our anger and frustrations is when we don’t feel good physically because the body is feeling tight and achy everywhere. Find a good masseuse that can give u a proper full body massage to release those tensions, plus you get that 1-1.5 hours to yourself to truly unwind.

The lack of sleep can also contribute to feeling frustrated. To ensure she clocks in the 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, she banishes tech devices during her sleeping hours. She also recommends drinking a cup of Chamomile tea which is packed with apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to certain receptors in your brain that may promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia, or the chronic inability to sleep.


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