What is it about

We are living in a world that’s rushing all around us. We need to learn to take the time to focus instead on ourselves. And that’s just one of the beauties of being able to perform twists and backbends – the ability to turn our focus inwards.

As your muscles and bones revolve deeply, your attention is drawn into the stable, unmoving centre of the pose and this gives you the ability to stay centred as the world swirls around you. You’ll also feel the relief as tension is released. Furthermore, your body is conditioned and strengthened, giving you the confidence to do more.

Let this workshop help you achieve your wellness goals, under the safe guidance of our experienced instructor, and see the progression that you can attain.

What are the benefits

  • Gain a better understanding of twist and backbend poses
  • Enhance mobility of hips, shoulders and spine
  • Improve back strength
  • Improve leg muscles
  • Helps to release tension and to stay calm

Workshop details

  • Breaking down the poses for backbends
  • Maroodasana, Variations of Sage Twist Pose (Marichyasana), Variations of Lord of the Fishes Pose (Matsyendrasana), Maheshwarasana, Full Bow Pose (Poorna Dhanurasana)
  • Detailing the possible challenges and how to perform them safely
  • Progression guidance – different variations between beginners, intermediate and advanced

Things to be aware of

  • Do check in with your doctor or inform the instructor should you have any back conditions
  • Safe distancing measures and guidelines as implemented by the Singapore Government and Jal Yoga
  • *Please note that some forms of recording (photography, video and/or audio) may take place at this workshop. By attending this workshop, you hereby give your consent for such recordings and for such data to be used or quoted on Jal Yoga’s website / social media. If you do not wish to be captured or recorded, please notify our staff prior to the workshop.

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Anyone who is looking to deepen their twist and backbend practice

☞ If you’re ready to explore your potential in twists and backbends, sign up here.