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ANUSARA YOGA is designed to serve students of any level of experience, age, gender, etc. and to encourage them to advance in their practice at their own pace. If necessary, poses are modified or supported with props to help each student achieve the general form of the pose. Anusara yoga classes are based on a non-dual Tantric philosophy that an intrinsic energy of Oneness underlies everything and everyone. This energy is a ‘goodness’ without opposite, it is auspicious. So lightheartedness and playfulness with a joyful creativity is the nature of the Anusara yoga practice. There are no set postural routines in Anusara yoga and a class can creatively include various practices (pranayama, meditation, mantra,…). However, a key element in an Anusara class is the heart theme which is infused with the breath and postural instructions of the asana and underlies the whole class. The heart quality cultivates the connection between the physical yoga poses and the greater spiritual purposes of yogic practices. Ultimately an Anusara teacher’s intention is for every student to leave the class feeling better about him or herself, uplifted and empowered.