Refine Your Awareness | Gokul Yoga Bandhas 101 Workshop

Gokul Yoga Bandhas 101 workshop takes the practitioner into the concept and precepts of Gokul Yoga. Bandhas are energetical locks created by willing the flow of energy in specific directions (vrttayah) within our bodies.

The work of Bandhas during the Gokul practice taps into these 3 mental faculties of Thinking, Feeling and Willing. Thus, helping to refine one’s awareness of the deeper layer of our being, thereby, reach the centre and finding the true aim of Yoga: Self-realization.

Here are the details of the workshop

Date: 29 September 2019

Location: Upper Bukit Timah Branch

Time: 10 am -12 pm

Instructor: Pearl Bhasin

Fee: $55 w/GST (Jal Member) || $65 w/GST (Non-Member)

*Please note that enrollment is only confirmed upon payment*

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