What is Heart Healing?

Heart Healing is a one-to-one treatment, where our instructor uses a series of guided questions to help participants reach their subconscious mind and identify the roots of their current emotions and mood. Most of the time, what they are facing now could be attributed to past experiences and this could have piled up over time.

During this session, participants would find their body in a relaxed state, with their attention focused on their breath, all the while being in a state of consciousness.


Whilst in this relaxed state, our instructor would work with the participant to uncover the past incidents he/she faced as a child or infant that may be suppressed. The entire healing process would take place without any judgment, prejudice or breach of confidentiality.

When participants recall the past experiences and examine them from a new perspective, they will potentially have a new understanding of those ‘seeds’ planted early on in their life. They can then mentally detoxify themselves. As such, with an open heart, their lives will take a positive turn in various aspects – a better quality of living, healthier interpersonal relationships, and smoother life at work, just to name a few.


Heart-healing is not aligned to any specific religion. The goal is to help the participant ‘find’ and understand him/herself so that this would lead to personal acceptance. It’s important for the participant to know how to move on, which would in turn allow him/her to live more, and live well. 


Let’s work together to bring out the difference that you can make in your life with Heart Healing:

  1. Review your past
  2. Understand what’s happening
  3. Accept the facts
  4. Forgive what has happened
  5. Learn from it
  6. Move on to receive love

Once again, details shared during the session will be kept private and confidential. 

Benefits of Heart Healing

It can potentially help one:

  • Heal past emotional wounds/trauma
  • Learn how to establish and maintain healthier interpersonal relationships
  • Manage challenges faced at work more effectively
  • Manage and stop addictive behaviours
  • Lead a more positive, happy and fulfilling life

Who should go for Heart Healing

This would be open for anyone. Heart Healing is different from mental or psychological treatment as the former has nothing to do with medical or drug treatment. Participants may simply feel that they have encountered a bottleneck in their life, or that they find a lack of motivation and want to improve him/herself in all aspects of life. Regardless of reason, they can attend Heart Healing to help improve life situations.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Heart Healing a religious activity?


What is the recommended number of sessions I have to attend and how long is each session?

Everyone goes through different things in life and is all different; hence, we won’t be able to advise what is the recommended number of sessions for you. Some participants may need up to 6 sessions (each lasting for an hour) and others may require lesser or more sessions. Arrange a chat with our instructor to learn more about what you may need.

If you’re keen to attend a Heart Healing Personal Training Session, book a class with us below!