What is it about 

Everyone has baggage; things that happened to us when we were children can carry into our adult lives. In many cases, we don’t remember these situations, burying them deep within our psyche.

In this, we harbour an inner child that holds on to this trauma. We would need to recognise him/her and through healing, release the hurt. This would allow us to shed the past, and move toward living a happier self. 

After working with our inner child, our physical/mental selves would require healing as well. This is when Sound Bath comes into play, using singing bowls of different sizes corresponding to the different chakras. These are struck in a specific pattern to create sound waves at set frequencies. These waves, in combination, promote mental and physical calmness, contributing to overall wellness. 

What are the benefits

  • Releasing of past hurt and trauma
  • A sense of calm and tranquility
  • Easing of stress and anxiety 

Workshop details

  • As a demonstration in the group healing, a volunteer will share his/her inner child and our instructor will go through the process of providing healing
  • Following the demonstration, all participants will take part in the sound bath; no special attire or accessories required

Things to be aware of

  • For the Inner Child Healing, the instructor will work with one volunteer to demonstrate the process
  • There is an amount of spirituality involved for this session
  • All are invited to participate in the sound bath thereafter. Breathing and some basic meditations will be involved 

Who is this workshop for?

  • All levels of practitioners

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