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What is it about

Have you always wanted to go upside down and view your practice from a different perspective?

Now’s your chance to!

Go deeper in your Yoga practice and immerse in various inversions safely, with better body awareness, through this workshop with Rachel.

With a fun, bubbly personality and the passion to share her Yoga knowledge, Rachel has an engaging style of teaching that will help you to go upside down in no time!

What are the benefits?

  • Get familiar with the different inversions and learn to get in and out of the poses safely and effectively
  • Understand your body and muscles in more depth
  • Increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
  • Stimulate venous blood flow from the pelvis towards the heart, where it gets sent to the lungs to be reoxygenated

Workshop details

  • 2.5hours
  • 30 – 40 mins of theory and anatomy studies 
  • 20 mins of warm up
  • 90 mins of Asanas to get really to get upside down! (Handstand, headstands, forearm pincha) 

Things to be aware of

Participants should have some Yoga experience or practice prior to this workshop

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone who is interested to explore and learn more about inversions

☞ If you’re ready to immerse in inversions, sign up here.