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muscles heat up air stays cool

Forget hot yoga, infrared heat yoga is here! Hot yoga brings no additional benefits and can be detrimental as the practitioner is breathing hot air which leads to excessive and unnecessary dehydration.

With infrared heat yoga, infrared rays are delivered directly to the skin and muscles, letting the practitioner reap the fantastic benefits of infrared heat without the nastiness of hot yoga.

Luxuriate in the gentle reaffirming glow of this glorious experience while soaking in all the remarkable benefits that far infrared heat offers.

State Of The Art

Jal employs the same kind of infrared emitters used in the healthcare industry. Just look at all these fantastic things infrared heat can do for you:

smooth skin
better hair
reduce cellulite
cellular health
weight loss
stress reduction
fights diabetes
raise flexibility
improve circulation
helps recuperation
pain relief

Get healthy (and pretty) with Jal’s fantastic Infrared Heat Yoga.

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