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Jal Yoga Alishan Retreat
Tranquility Amongst The Clouds

10th - 14th April 2019

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infrared heat yoga
jal infrared heat yoga
muscles heat up, air stays cool
jal academy

jal academy

8th to 10th March 2019

jal aerial

jal aerial yoga

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jal infrared heat yoga
muscles heat up, air stays cool
only yoga studio in Singapore to offer infrared heat yoga
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At Jal, we believe in the unfettered potential of the human mind and body. Our classes are structured to be challenging and engaging, all in a deeply caring and supportive environment. Together, we will reach greater heights and go further not just in fitness but life itself.
Dig deep, reach high, do what you cannot do.

Our Philosophy

Live more with Jal - we are not just about Yoga, Pilates and Barre. We want you to reach your full potential, in every aspect of your life. And because of that, we see you as part of our family. As one, we want you to be relaxed every time you are here, to enjoy the time spent in this safe environment. Whenever you need, we will be there to lend a helping hand to support you on your wellness journey.

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Mastering Arm Balances: Defying Gravity with Confidence Workshop

  What is it about This workshop is all about exploring and mastering various arm balances in Yoga, from foundational poses like Crow Pose to advanced ones like Eka Pada Koundinyasana II...

Get Upside Down Workshop

  What is it about Headstands can be intimidating and cause many of us to avoid exploring this pose due to fear or lack of instruction. However, they can actually be practised safely and...

35hr Me Face Yoga Teacher Training Course

35hr Me Face Yoga Teacher Training CourseThe popularity of Face Yoga is increasing in this day and age as more are able to access videos and tutorials across various platforms and people are looking...

Exploring Upside Down Backbends Workshop

  What is it about Rachel, with her fun and passionate yoga methodology, seeks to equip you with in-depth skills and knowledge to practise and perfect your backbend postures. Achieve these...

Pelvis Movement and Split Training Workshop

  What is it about Do you want to be able to finally do a Split? Get ready to discover the art of pelvis movement, as well as improve the mobility and flexibility of your hip joint. Through...

Exploring Chair Yoga Workshop

    What is it about Chair Yoga is adapted from traditional Yoga and can be done while seated on a chair or with the help of a chair (using the chair as a prop). In this workshop, we will...

A Deeper Dive Into Asanas & Beyond Workshop

    What is it about Are you ready to take your Yoga practice to the next level? It’s time to leave your comfort zone and explore more advanced asanas. This workshop covers the essence,...

Spinal Mobility & Flexibility Training Workshop

    What is it about Do you want to unlock the full potential of your spine and enhance your overall well-being? Are you tired of experiencing stiffness, discomfort, or restricted movement...

Immerse In Arm Balance & Inversions Workshop

    What is it about Are you ready to go deeper in your Yoga practice and explore advanced poses? Take your practice one step further with arm balances and inversions! In this workshop, we...

Flow With Aroma Scents Workshop

    What is it about Aroma Flow Yoga is a Yoga practice that combines the use of essential oils with the fluid movements of Vinyasa Yoga.  Throughout this workshop, explore incorporating...




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