What is Fascia and how does Myofascial Release helps?

What is fascia?

Myo refers to the muscle, and the fascia is the network of connective tissue that surrounds and includes your muscles. Fascia is heavily related to movement, as it helps to support the muscles by transmitting force throughout the body. The fascia network is like a spider web which allows us to move in multiple directions.

This connective tissue does much more than transmitting forces that drive movement. It also helps the nervous system with quick responses and is a key component in supporting the body during repetitive tasks. A runner will have dense fascia in the calves to support running, a weightlifter may have dense fascia in the back to support weightlifting, and someone who sits a lot will have dehydrated and “sticky” fascia in their glutes to support sitting. As such, injuries or repetitive action result in areas of tissue to thickened and swell.

Resulting in tugging of the fascia network further up the chains. As such, the fascial sheaths that encase the muscles become wound up like a wrung-out dishrag, causing restrictions, strain, and pain. By using tools such as therapy ball, yoga blocks and foam roller, the myofascial release improves the slide and glide of your tissues and hydrates them through the act of compressing and releasing, like a sponge.

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