What is it about

Ready for a relaxing day of candle making and Yoga? We’ve got you covered.

Start off by creating your very own unique Crystal Botanical Scented Candle (5.5oz) in our hands-on candle making segment, in collaboration with The Rituals Co.!

Learn the fundamentals of candle making and design your own floral and crystal candle with easy step-by-step guides.

Afterwards, dive deeper and find out how scent benefits your practice. With a focus on your Crown Chakra, our Violet Crown class will take you through a sequence of poses.

What are the benefits

  • Pick up a new skill as you make your own personalised candle
  • Understand more about scent and the role it plays in Yoga
  • Get into a deeper state of relaxation 
  • Learn more about chakras and the role they play

Workshop details

  • 2hour candle making workshop with The Rituals Co.
  • 15min introduction about Chakra and how it relates to scent
  • 45min Violet Crown class:
    •  Standing Forward Bend
    • Fish Pose
    • Downward Dog
    • Shoulderstand

Things to be aware of

  • Safe distancing measures and guidelines as implemented by the Singapore Government and Jal Yoga
  • *Please note that some forms of recording (photography, video and/or audio) may take place at this workshop. By attending this workshop, you hereby give your consent for such recordings and for such data to be used or quoted on Jal Yoga’s website / social media. If you do not wish to be captured or recorded, please notify our staff prior to the workshop.

Who is this workshop for? 

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about candle making and/or chakras


If you’re ready to light up your crown chakra, sign up here.