Meditation Guide | Answering Common Questions About Meditation
What’s Meditation?
Meditation is about being in the present. By focusing on the present, every breath you inhale and exhale becomes a joy! It all starts from within you. Think of the Meditation practice as your self-care kit to cope with anything 2020 throws your way. Work to build compassion, manage anxiety, and cultivate comfort in the unknown times.
Before we get started on any Meditation practice, read through this commonly asked Meditation and think of it has your Meditation guide to get started!

Can Meditation be dangerous?

It is not! This is a common question that many people ask and a phobia of many. As Meditation is different from your usual experience of your body and mind, many of us have the misconception that it is dangerous. Anything unknown to humans, we categorize them as dangerous.

Is Meditation religious?

No, it has nothing to do with religion. When you are at peace with yourself that is what Meditation is.

What is Meditation suppose to feel like?

There is no way you should feel. The absolute feeling of yourself is relaxation. When you feel relaxed, every breath inhaled and exhaled becomes joy. That is closest to relaxation and what mediation is also.

How do you clear your mind?

The best way is to practice Yoga Postures and breathing techniques. This allows your condition to be closest to Meditation. Think of it as creating fertile soil for Meditation.

Does Meditation help with anxiety?

It does, when you are focused on that particular moment, you will not have any anxiety. Meditation is all about being focused on that moment.

How long should I Meditate?

Mindfulness is Meditation. Practice Mindfulness for 15 minutes to 20 minutes a day and increase it over time.

How long does it take to work?

The key element for Meditation to work is being mindful. That is all. With awareness, Meditation can’t go wrong.

How are Meditating and Chanting related?

For a mind which is occupied with so many thoughts, we reduce those points and focus on just one point with chanting or the mantra. The next step is even to drop the chanting and just remain conscious as such.

Any Mantras to suggest?

In Yoga, we chant “Om”. Om helps you to quieten your mind and prepare the ground for Meditation.

How can I stop thinking while Meditating?

First, relax. Second, be conscious of the body. Third, be aware of the breath. Be aware and notice your thoughts fade away.

Why do I fall asleep when Meditating?

Because some people have never experienced more depth of relaxation than sleep. So what we do here in Meditation is to prepare you for something more profound and deeper than just sleep. We transcend our thoughts and emotions. In this process, the mind feels insecure like as if it is going to be in trouble and disappear. It is a trick of the mind to fall asleep. If you remain conscious, there is no way you will fall asleep.

Can I listen to music while Meditating?

Music can make your Mediation more effective. So listen to classical instruments like flute and strings. It is good to have music while Meditating.

Is it alright to cry while Meditating?

Meditation will trigger some emotions. Don’t hold back, if anytime comes out let it flow. Don’t become a barrier. By letting go of these barriers and emotions flow through you, calmness comes.

How long should a beginner Meditate?

Just watch your thoughts. 5 minutes of this Meditation, repeat it once, twice or thrice. This will help. Don’t count in terms of minutes and seconds. It is not mathematics, it is poetry. Let it flow through you.

Where should I focus during Meditation?

Maintaining the stretch and feeling the sensations. It can be your postures and/or breathing. It can be relaxation. It can be anything as long as it is confined within your body.

Do I have to sit still to Meditate?

Nothing of that sort! This is a common misconception that people have. The movement itself is the key to mindfulness so movement is perfectly fine to Meditate on?

What time should I Meditate?

Before you sleep, it is necessary to empty your mind. Empty the cart!

What should I prepare before Meditating?

Meditation is about being comfortable within your skin. Having comfortable clothes, temperature and light help! All these are aids that can help but not a fixed rule.

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