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Some may ask, how is Meditation going to help me on my weight loss journey if I am not burning any calories? Understand that our body is a mirror reflection of what’s going on in our minds. To have a sustainable weight loss, you need to understand why the weight is showing up in the first place. Through meditation, connect the dots to create a personalized approach to keeping the weight off!


What’s the connection between meditation and weight loss?

Sustainable weight loss

Meditation gives you the time to sift through thoughts, challenge your beliefs and raise the standards of what you want for your mind and body.

In meditation, you get to the bottom of why you keep skipping your workout or grabbing supper every night. Explore your weight loss motivations and why your unaccomplished goals. Confront your childhood programming such as having to eat all the food on your plate.

Most importantly understand why weight loss has been an issue in the past and prepare yourself mentally to stick to a weight loss program and get to your ideal size. You’ll also see the subconscious blocks that keep you from healthy change, such as fears built up from your childhood that are manifesting in self-sabotage.


Less guilt and shame

Meditation is especially helpful in curbing emotional and stress-related eating. Being more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can tell when you stress eat. It is also a good tool to prevent you from falling into the harmful spiral of shame and guilt when you are trying to change our eating habits. Learn to recognize your emotions and behaviors without shaming yourself.

It helps you forgive yourself for making mistakes, such as stress-eating that bag of chips. It prevents you from catastrophizing, a term for what happens when you decide to order a burger since you already “mess up” when you ate that bag of chips.


Some tips to help you approach weight loss:

  • Slow down your meals. Chew slowly and enjoy the taste of each bite.
  • Eat at the right time. Stop eating on the go or when multitasking.
  • Recognize when you are hungry and full. Listen to your body. Don’t eat when you are full. Eat when you feel hungry.
  • Recognize how the food you eat makes you feel. Pay attention to how you feel, what makes you tired and what makes you energized?

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