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Pilates is a low-impact system of exercises which has a lot of benefits. Some of which include preventing injury, conditioning your muscles and strengthening your core. Despite it being fairly popular,  people still have misconceptions about it

  1. Pilates and Yoga are the same

Pilates and Yoga are both mindful experiences that help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. However they do have a fair share of differences. Yoga is as a philosophy and way of life whereas the other, originated with the purpose of rehabilitation and conditioning in mind. 

  1. I have an injury, I can’t do pilates!

If you have an injury, it is all the more reason for you to give pilates a try! The reformer machine used in pilates is versatile, enabling you to move and shift in different positions, improving your posture, flexibility and alleviating back pain. Using a reformer can also help reduce the risk of injury in the long run!

  1. Pilates requires equipment

As mentioned, pilates can be done with machines or equipment such as the reformer, cadillac and tower. However, most pilates exercises just require a mat! Using the mat can be just as effective (if not more!) as using the reformer because you will be putting your whole body to work without relying on the help of the machine. 

  1. Pilates is only for the ladies

Pilates is low impact workout with pelvic-centric exercises and focuses on core strengthening. The nature of it may mislead people to think that it is a ladies-only exercise. However, the system was founded by Joseph Pilates, a man, with the purpose of rehabilitating soldiers from the World War 2 in mind. Initially, the exercise was made for men but it got adopted by both male and female over time! Presently, many crossfit gym trainers include pilates in their daily routine because of its injury prevention and conditioning properties.

  1. Pilates is too easy!

If you’re going through pilates with ease, chances are, you aren’t really doing pilates! The exercise focuses on principles like concentration, control, centering, precision, breath and flow. When correctly applied, you’ll sweat while working and strengthening specific areas. However, it also depends on the difficulty level of the class and instructor you’re learning from. The exercise will work effectively in smaller groups or solo!


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