Do you hit the ground running in the morning? Or find it difficult to leave the comfort of your bed? We all have our preferences and how we choose to start each day. Similarly, that also affects how we feel and partake in our nightly rituals – some have it easier to fall asleep, others a constant struggle.

Similarly, different Yoga types have different timings – some gets you energised for the day and others to help you to wind down for the night. It all boils down to what your goals and intentions are.

Yoga in the Morning

Practicing in the morning gears you up for the day ahead. It’s also easier to start the day with it, without worrying about any other activities you may have; you’d just have to get up earlier. 

It’s also a great way to work out any kinks you may have gotten during the night. You can really stretch your muscles and with poses such as Sun Salutation, gives you that energy boost. Additionally, with an empty stomach, you’ll find it easier to perform back-bends and twists.


Yoga in the Evening

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day’s work. Especially in this current climate, we have to adapt and make do in most normal situations. Having your practice in the evening helps you to take your mind off things as you focus on yourself. With the calm and tranquility that follows, hitting the sack also becomes easier.

Any feelings of stress or worry, let them go as you perform poses such as Happy Baby or Child’s Pose. These calming practices allow you to gently ease yourself from the hustle and bustle of the day to a night of quiet relaxation.


Finding What Works

There’s no limitations to when you can practice; there are different Yoga types that suit the different hours of the day (and night). What matters is why you are doing so and also, actually practicing it. 

The benefits are endless, and it’s all aimed to give you a better and healthier life in all aspects. You’ll find that whatever works for you, works in all areas of your lifestyle. So don’t feel restricted, do what suits you and your journey best.


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