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Time sure flies quickly and in a blink of an eye, the New Year is here! The New Year is accompanied by New Year’s resolution for health and fitness. It is definitely great to have goals for your health and fitness but not many people can keep to it. According to Forbes Magazine, approximately 92% of people that don’t achieve their New Year’s Fitness Resolution. So whatever your New Year’s fitness resolution is, it probably won’t happen until you made a solid plan for success. Take your resolution further, and write down a real plan for what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it.

Create Realistic Short-Term Mini Goals | New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Goals that are too impractical or broad can be harder to achieve. Set realistic goals and commit to a regular fitness workout you know you enjoy. If your goal is too long-term, you will always tell yourself that there is plenty of time left to reach it and you will feel much more motivated working out a few days later, right? Probably not!

Instead, set small and attainable monthly goals that you can measure and stay on track. Let’s say you want to lose, 10kg over the next 12 months, break it up over the course of 12 months. By creating manageable goals, you will also enjoy the weight loss process too. Fitness goals no longer feel that impossible to achieve!

Pace Yourself | New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Sometimes your New Year resolution is a major lifestyle change and you may want to jump into it and do everything. It may be an overkill unless you are really MOTIVATED. Ease yourself into your workout routine instead of planning for working out every day and burning out after the first month because you overwhelm yourself. Make a list of smaller things you can do and challenge yourself with bigger tasks from than on. By achieving your smaller goals you will feel motivated to keep hitting bigger goals.

Use Technology To Help Yourself | New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Make use of technology to drive your New Year’s Fitness Resolution. There are many options to choose from such as a smartwatch, Fitbits and phone apps. It is a great way to closely monitor your progress and see what you can do to push yourself and hit your new personal best! Isn’t it convenient?

Step Out Of The Comfort Zone | New Year’s Fitness Resolution

As mentioned above, it is important to pace yourself into your workout regime before challenging yourself for greater tasks. After you make it a point to go for your Yoga classes regularly, up the challenge. Spice things up with more challenges, it can be going for more classes or even going for Personal Training. Not only will it keep your workout interesting, but it may also help you reach your goals faster.

Get Help And Support | New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Seeking help from a personal trainer can be a great way for you to start seeing the results you are looking for. Your Personal Training sessions are tailored to your needs and follow-up sessions are tweaked to your results and future goals. Your trainer has the professional knowledge that can help assess and make necessary changes to the routine that will benefit you!

You will start to see the results you are looking for that may be quicker than working out on your own. Research has shown that those who work with a Personal Trainer push themselves harder. Combined with your trainer’s wealth of knowledge, you will be able to reach your goals by following their plan!

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