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Personal Training Program

Everybody is different, and that means everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. This could be anything from having an old injury that requires special exercises to having a phobia that may impact on where or how you workout.

Individuals will also have different fitness goals. Some would like to achieve a handstand, some may want to just touch the ground in a forward bend. These goals are hard to achieve when attending the group classes. So this is where Personal Training Program can make a huge difference to your training program.


Door-step Service

Besides the in-studio Personal Training Program, Jal is offering door-step services, providing mobile Personal Training service. Catering to people who prefer to practice with strict privacy or limited by location or whatever reasons, our instructors can tailor to the individual needs anytime, anywhere.


Reformer Pilates Personal Training

Reformer Pilates is similar to Mat Pilates, that works to create long, lean and strong muscles without bulking up. However, Reformer Pilates offers more variations in the movements that can be easily modified and performed in positions that are safe for people with different requirements. For instance, the pregnant ladies, people with specific physical injuries.

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So, get into our Personal Training Program. We have elite, caring instructors who will attend to your unique requirements with personalized attention and be with you every step of the way.



Tell Us Your Unique Requirements:

  • Old/New Injuries
  • Medical Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Specific Goals
  • Phobia of Certain Workout
  • Location Limitation (enquire about our Home Service)
  • Or any!



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