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Yoga & Pilates Personal Training Classes

Is it worth investing in Personal Training classes? Read on to find out!

Personal Training Sessions to help you reach your physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Let us help you to your wellness goals

Personal Training Sessions to help you reach your physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Achieve your physical, mental, emotional and energetic wellness goals safely under the guidance of our instructors. Be it Yoga or Pilates, our Personal Training (PT) sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs, regardless of background.

We’re here to help you as you embark on your journey to living well, both on and off mat.

How our Personal Training sessions can help you?

– Achieve your health goals effectively and efficiently through tailored sessions.

– Manage (and possibly recover) from existing or past medical conditions and injuries.

– Have the flexibility to suit your schedule.  

– Have the personalised attention from our instructors to answer and guide you in any questions you may have, helping you to deepen your practice.

How does Personal Training Sessions work?

How does it work?

How does Personal Training Sessions work?

1) Your instructor will develop a detailed “case”, where he/she learn more about your needs and gather the relevant details like your lifestyle and health background.

2) He/she will work closely with you to develop a series of tailored sessions.

3) Your progress will be constantly reviewed together with your instructor. Adjustments to the sessions will be made to fit your progression.

Our different types of Personal Training sessions

Types of Personal Training Classes

Below are some of the PT sessions that are available, but not limited to:

– Yoga therapy for medical conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, depression and more 
– Body/Spinal alignment
– Increasing of mobility 
– Muscles strengthening
– Post-surgery healing & therapy
Heart Healing 
– Sound Bath Healing
– Pre-natal

If you have other specific needs, do reach out to us by filling up the below form.

Types of Personal Training Classes