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Everyone knows that Reformer Pilates is known for sculpting lean bodies! But do you know that Reformer Pilates is also the ultimate injury rehabilitation for your body? It is normal to take a break from your workout when you are injured, suffering from pain or recovering from trauma. When you sustain any injuries, your doctors will tell you to stop your running, skip your dance classes and cool it with your exercise – except Pilates.

Why do Physical Therapist Recommend Reformer Pilates?

There are many reasons why physical therapist around the world strongly recommend Reformer Pilates as a form of rehabilitation. Part of the success of Reformer Pilates are the principles it is based on such as core strength. But another reason for its popularity is the extent of flexibility it provides in comparison to conventional forms of rehabilitation. Reformer Pilates can be altered to the needs of each person for high effectiveness. Movements can range from basic to advanced depending on the individual progression or injury!

Reformer Pilates is Designed for Rehab

Let’s say you have torn your your meniscus, herniated a disc or just had knee/shoulder/hip surgery. Consider joining Reformer Pilates as you can do it with pretty much any injury. The equipment can effectively to support, assist, and facilitate movement for the individual to learn or relearn optimal movement in a safe way!

If you just had knee surgery, the horizontal plane will enable you to strengthen the muscles of the leg through a larger range of motion. By using a lighter resistance than your own body weight and controlled movement, it will help speed up the recovery process. For someone suffering from scoliosis and unable to do Mat Pilates, Reformer will be able to increase your range of motion safely and effectively.You can trust your instructors as most of them have gotten into teaching because they have had an injury and realized the healing powers of Reformer Pilates.

Reformer Pilates for Emotional & Physical Therapy

If you’ve ever dealt with an injury or surgery, you know that it can be both physically and emotionally traumatizing. Surgery and physical injury often result in significant level of anxiety. Reformer workout provides respite from the mental anguish by helping us relax and manage our anxiety. Most of us spend our days rushing from appointment to appointment and over-consuming  caffeine or sugar. By changing our routine, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Enabling our body to heal, grow and detoxify. During a reformer workout, footwork will be performed by lying on our backs. This warms up the body and prepare it for movement where the focus is on proper alignment of the pelvis and spine. By performing movement in this position while bringing intention to the breath, our bodies shift into the rest and repair mode.

How can Reformer Pilates Prevent Injury?

You may not be injured now. However, you’re concerned that you may get injured through fitness or everyday life. Reformer Pilates acts as a preventative practice by giving you more bandwidth to absorb the impact of falls and bumps. When you do Reformer Pilates, you will be able to handle that missed step from the stairs or that bump on the table so much better. The workouts trained the entire body and fine-tune our motor control so that our body can react faster to unexpected situations. As such, we can stay healthy and recover faster when our body sustain an injury. Reformer is designed to be low-impact to alleviate pressure from the joints while finding the optimal alignment for the body (without the pull of gravity).

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