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It is a great feeling when you make working out a consistent habit, but if you are no longer getting any results from the workout there may be a problem. Working out daily can become easy and convenient, but it can also result in a workout plateau. Doesn’t it defeat the purpose if you workout daily but you are not getting the results you want? If that’s the case, it may be time to tweak your workout routine and consider Personal Training.

1) You Stop Getting Stronger

Do you remember finding muscles that you didn’t know you had when you started exercising? When you first started working out, you may have felt that it was easier to pick your kids up and household chores were less exhausting. But now, you are stuck in a rut. If you can no longer feel the progress, there is a high chance that you are facing an exercise plateau. Try Personal Training classes to challenge your body to grow stronger and adhere to your fitness goals! Let your personal trainer know that you want to rev up your workout intensity!

2)  Your Body Is Not Balanced

Let’s say you are able to lift weights that are 3 times heavier than you are but struggle with only a 1km run. These means that you have worked too hard in one area of fitness and it is time to change up the routine. An all-around workout routine leaves you feeling strong overall, engaging all your muscle groups while keeping your cardio in check!

3) You No Longer Feel The Sore

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with sore muscles. As much as we hate the feeling of sore muscles, knowing that it is sore means our muscles are getting stronger.  It is not necessary to feel sore after every single workout. But if you have not felt sore for a long time, it may be a sign that your muscle groups are no longer being challenged. You may want to consider going for a more intense class or go for the Personal Training session with a routine that is put together just for you!

4)  It Is Starting To Feel Like A Tiresome Chore

Are there times where you feel that your workout is just another item on your to-do list? Maybe it is time to try something new! Your workouts should leave you feeling refreshed and strong. It shouldn’t feel like a household chore that you just completed. Choose another activity that you can enjoy both physically and mentally! You can try going for  Personal Training or the unique classes offered at Jal (such as Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Barre, Pilates, etc) if you want to try out something new.


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