What is it about

As beginners, we usually take things one step at a time. That’s all good for getting your foundation right but as you progress, interchanging between poses become a necessity. 

While there is no fixed sequence in interchanging between one pose and the next, it’s important to be comfortable in doing so. It’s also a smooth and gentle transition, one that you can take your time with without interfering your session.

Learning how to do so will prevent enable you to perform a full sequence, safely and without injury.

What are the benefits

  • Increase in concentration 
  • Strengthens balance, on and off the mat
  • Strengthen your wrists, triceps and biceps
  • Prevent injury whilst interchanging between one pose and the next 

Workshop details

  • Theory: understanding which parts of your body is needed for proper execution and the mechanisms of your body
  • Ensuring safe and correct practice
  • What are the interchanging poses (crow, side crow, headstand, wheel pose)
  • Receive personalised guidance
  • Understanding the needs of new members to ensure proper and safe execution

Who is this workshop for?

  • All levels of practitioners 

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