Stress and Anxiety

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Having suffered anxiety attacks in the past, when my mind and body was filled with existential stress, there is actually no remedy for one who is suffering anxiety attack for the first time. Thus I am unable to give you any useful tips. However, if you have regular attacks of anxiety, you may already have remedies for your suffering. For those suffering anxiety attacks for the first time, it is a fearful and terrifying feeling, to have your heart race so fast you feel like it is going to burst or stop. But fret not because anxiety attacks in my personal experience do not give you a heart attack. It is nevertheless an unnerving experience to have your heart race while you breathe so quickly that you feel breathless. A personal recommendation is to go for a regular physical checkup, to ensure there are no underlying conditions. Once that is sorted, you can seek your doctor’s advice on how to work with an anxiety attack. The quickest remedy for an anxiety attack is to breathe into a paper bag. When I could feel one coming, I was aware enough to slow my breath and if need be, breathe into a piece of tissue to help slow the breathing. Too much oxygen makes one hyperventilate which causes the heart to race, thus slowing the breath down is a very quick and useful tip to stop an anxiety attack. The underlying cause of an anxiety attack is stress. One who suffers anxiety is perceiving danger, thus activating the stress hormones in the body into a fight or flight mode. Usually, the perceived stress is not in line with reality. One looks at a situation, which triggers a false perception causing a stress reaction in the body. If you are interested to know more, read here to find out about the causes of an anxiety attack and how to recognize if you are suffering from it. Thus, the long term remedy for an anxiety attack is to look inside yourself to find out what is causing the stress instead of running away from it. As shared, I had existential fears caused by witnessing deaths of loved ones. It was something I was running away from, and this running away from what I could not accept was the underlying cause for my anxieties. It took a long time for me to face my fears, and even today, I spend every day contemplating the impermanence of life, in order to live a happy life. I practice daily meditation and yoga a few times a week, both exercises helped my body feel better and the mind to calm. However, it is the practice of mindfulness meditation that allowed me to travel inwards to face the false perception of reality that had caused the fear that arose in me, in order that I may face my fears and investigate my perception of reality.

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