4 Tips To Improve Your Arm Balance

Arm Balance Workshop | Jal Yoga

Arm Balance can be challenging. After all, “Falling flat on your face” is an all-too-literal description of what can happen when you get into trouble. Like most people, you may approach arm balances with anxiety, fearing that your arms may not be strong enough to lift yourself up and may wind up with injuries. Here are some tips to help you advance your Arm Balance practice!


Arm Balance Workshop | Jal Yoga

Putting Weight in The Right Place | Arm Balance

Observe yourself when you are doing Arm Balancing Poses. Have you been putting weight on the right places? When you are in your arm balances, place your weight at the metacarpophalangeal joint at the base of the fingers and the top of your palm (the knuckle between your hand and your fingers). When you misplace your weight in the palm of your hands, there is nothing to stop you from falling backwards. By moving your balance point forward, you will gain better control the next time you are in your crow pose.


Arm Balance Workshop | Jal Yoga

Learn Core Stability & Isolation | Arm Balance

To advance your arm balance practise, you must find the ability to lock off one part of the body – for example, the core, the arms, or the shoulders – so you can move from that stability into more advanced poses, To do so, core engagement is essential. When practising your Yoga pose remember to yourself flex your belly or tighten your corset when. Over time, this action of engaging the core becomes a natural reaction when you practising arm balances.


Arm Balance Workshop | Jal Yoga

Improve Your Wrist Flexibility | Arm Balance

The lack of flexibility in your wrist, can pull you out of your arm balance or not allow you to find your balance. Why? That’s due to the muscle tension in your forearm. Our wrists are not designed to support our weight in an arm balance. But with enough practice, they can become flexible and strong. Before your arm balance practice, remember to warm up your wrist. Start by stretching the front and back of the wrists followed by circling them for better range of motion.


Controlled Movement | Arm Balance

Practice adding mindfulness into your Arm Balance Practice. Arm balances require us to understand our movement and overcome our fears. Every time we challenge ourselves in these poses, we learn a little more about ourselves and how we do in a fearful or stressful situation. Bringing mindfulness to the movement helps us understand what’s going on, and the fear goes away.


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