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Many people struggle to lose weight, and yet, they desire to have a slimmer waistline.

For people to lose weight, engaging in regular physical activity, eating healthy, and getting lots of sleep are just some of the lifestyle choices to make.

But in today’s fast-paced world, many working adults, for example, simply do not have time to hit the gym or to cook their food or to get the right number of hours of sleep.

How can Vinyasa Yoga help?

Why can Yoga help you lose weight?

Yoga is a physical activity which has proven to help a person lose weight or maintain his or her ideal weight.

A study conducted by Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre confirms that individuals who practised Yoga for at least four years lost an average of five pounds.

On the other hand, study participants who did not practice Yoga gained an average of 14 pounds.

People who practiced Yoga had a healthy weight before the study and were more likely to maintain their weight than people who do not practice Yoga.

Is Vinyasa Yoga is the best Yoga to help you lose weight?

Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga, is a series of connected poses resembling a graceful dance. The Sun Salutation in a Vinyasa Yoga can burn up to 500 calories.

Because Vinyasa Yoga is faster than other types of Yoga like the Hatha Yoga, it can help a practitioner achieve a toned body.



Is it safe?

Practicing yoga not only gives a person inner peace and calm, it can also safely lead to weight loss.

With the help of a trainer, those new to Vinyasa Yoga can get help accomplishing its more fast-paced routines.

Practicing Vinyasa Yoga comes with a host of benefits, including better heart health, overall muscle strength, a toned body, detoxification, and a peaceful, clear, and calm mind.

What can other types of Yoga help you lose weight?

Other types of Yoga that can help lose weight include Hatha Yoga or the gentle Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, modern Power Yoga and Bikram or Hot Yoga.

The difference between these types of Yoga is the pace. Hatha Yoga is more gentle and slower, Ashtanga Yoga is faster and requires more energy and muscle power.

Modern Yoga is more strenuous and fat-burning. Bikram or Hot Yoga involves performing poses in a hot room that supposedly speeds up burning calories.



How does Vinyasa Yoga work to lose weight?

Vinyasa Yoga or flow Yoga is a series of movements that flow into one sequence resembling a dance and linked through breathing.

With each transition performed in a graceful yet rapid manner, and with each movement linked with breath, the body increases heart rate, which is necessary to burn calories.

Can everybody lose weight with Vinyasa Yoga?

With regular practice, a healthy diet and getting ample sleep, everybody can enjoy the weight loss benefits of Vinyasa Yoga.

Besides weight loss, what is Vinyasa Yoga good for?

Vinyasa Yoga is also good for heart health, toned and strong muscles, a clear, calm and peaceful mind, and an overall wellness.

How soon can you see weight loss results?

Unlike other more active forms of weight loss routines, the weight loss results from Vinyasa Yoga can be seen over time, and not as immediate.

However, the effects can be lasting especially as practitioners imbibe Vinyasa Yoga as part of their lifestyle.

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