If you have tried our tips to adding fun to your regular yoga practice but still find your yoga routine stale, fret not! We have more ideas here to add more fun to your yoga workout.

Yoga is after all life itself. It is not bordered by your practice of the asanas. Yoga is actually a practice to integrate your life. However, the asanas help in aligning one’s spine, give a better posture to allow energy to flow, that you may experience wellness and calm so that you are able to approach life peacefully.

That said, we are not here to speak about the philosophy of yoga but how to inject fun to your asana practice. Before we delve into ways of having fun with yoga, remember that yoga is not just a practice of physical alignment, but it also includes the way to live. You can find books on yoga philosophy while we suggest additions to your practice to keep you going on your journey in yoga.

Try Out Different Styles of Yoga

If you have been a hatha yoga practitioner for a while, but have avoided Vinyasa or Ashtanga or Yin yoga, it is time to start exploring! Attend all the yoga classes at your studio and try out these different styles to widen your understanding of their differences. After all, learning itself is fun! Do not be afraid to try different teachers as well. Some teachers might focus on the aerobic workout part of yoga, some are more traditional and others more therapeutic. Each teacher comes with their unique personality and knowledge in yoga, learn from them and you will get a better understanding.

Change Your Place of Practice

Are you bored with practicing in the same room at the same spot every day? Try doing your yoga routine elsewhere! Perhaps practice it in the park nearby or go to the beach where you can enjoy the sea breeze and a coffee after? Go to a place where there are other things waiting for you to discover, such as that new cafe you have not checked out.

Try a Private Yoga Session

Whether you are new to yoga or attending your yoga studio to rehabilitate an injury, try out a private yoga lesson. In a private yoga session, you get the full attention from your instructor. You can also ask as many questions as you would like that you are unable to get answers from in a group class. In a private yoga lesson, you can get advice, tips and specific ways to work with problems you have with alignments or if you are facing other difficulties with your practice.

Keep a Journal of Your Practice

Do you notice that when we have goals, we tend to enjoy our journey towards the goal? Keep a journal to write down your yoga practice. What went well for you, what difficulties you are facing in certain asanas? Do you have emotional blockages that you notice you are holding in your body? We go through the day almost absent-mindedly. Having a journal keeps our minds to the task where we get to learn more about ourselves.

Attend a Yoga Retreat

If you have not experienced a yoga retreat, try it out! There are many yoga retreats around the world and I am sure your yoga studio also arranges yoga retreats. Pick a place you would like to go but have never been to be motivated for the retreat. A yoga retreat is a great time to wind down the tired mind and to spend time with your mind and body. Yoga retreats usually include meditation, yoga asanas and healthy meals. Check with your studio if they are running any retreat in the near future or go online to find a retreat at the location you most want to visit.

Although we have suggested five more ways here to add fun to your yoga routine, remember that yoga is a practice to connect to something akin to a hidden gem within yourself. Enjoy your yoga journey and don’t forget to check out our regular classes at Jal Yoga.