It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in years or that you aren’t flexible at all.


When you think about yoga, you may recall the different poses, balancing, and, gasp, the handstands, which you have seen yoga influencers enact on their social media page.  

How can I do it! The last workout I did was walking from the office to the coffee shop to get lunch.

Well, rest assured, there are different levels of yoga available for you and we don’t jump straight to the advance class. Most importantly, yoga’s fundamentality is about stretching and breathing, and the different poses come as you progress. The type of yoga class you choose also plays a part – Hatha, for example, falls in the calming and slow range whereas Vinyasa is for the advance students.


At Jal Yoga, our dedicated and committed instructors are always on the move during classes to ensure that each pose is suited for you. If he or she sees you struggling with the Warrior pose, he/she will advise you on a modification that would work.


With that, age or flexibility isn’t a concern you need to worry about. As an extra measure, our friendly sales consultants are always on hand to suggest a class that would be suitable for you. That way, you’re well taken care of even before stepping into the studio.


In time, you’ll find your fitness and health improve, and you’ll be ready to challenge yourself by taking on harder classes. And that’s what we want for you – to see you better yourself and enjoy a brand new you.


Nothing is impossible, you just need to take the first step and we’ll help you along the way. From signing-up to taking part in our classes, you’re a part of our family as we want you to live more with Jal – so drop us a call to learn more.


Live more with Jal. with us, you will be able to go further, not just in the studio but in life. Book your class now.