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Are you struggling with your motivation or you simply want to see more results in the workout you do? Then what are you waiting for, bring your workout buddy and try a class together! Having a workout buddy can often be the difference between failure or success, mediocre or incredible results. Studies have proven that a workout buddy can ensure that you stay on track, hit your goals and push through those poses.

For those who are unconvinced and persevering solo, check out the reasons for getting a workout buddy! 👇

Put In your 110% When You Are Working Out

You know that feeling that you get when you are in your Chaturanga or holding your pose in Passé Relevé, you tend to slow down a little and relax into the rest of your exercise. That lingering emotion of knowing you haven’t put in your 110% can be avoided if only you had buddy with you. Based on a study, 64% of women admit they push themselves harder when they are working out with a partner, there’s no reason not to get one of your buddies on board.

Encourage You Regardless of the Weather

The weather is too hot and humid? It is raining cats and dogs and there is traffic jam? Such excuses might be justifiable if you are going for classes alone. But when your workout buddy is counting on you to show up, that is a different story. No one wants to be the person who put sitting inside with a burger above a Barre session or Infrared yoga lesson. You certainly don’t want to be reminded about it by the person who made it out there.

Exchange a Few Tips Along the Way

As human, we may not be receptive to advice like being told to change the way we do something, much less investing the time in finding a new way to workout. However, we may be more welcoming to try a Yoga or Pilates classes when it is an encouragement from a friend.

Persevering Through an Activity

Your workout buddy can act as a healthy competitor as well as your source of encouragement! With them around, you will likely persevere through your first week of Yoga classes! Procrastination and regrets will become a thing of the past, and you’ll have someone to pick you up every time you feel like giving up!

Classes are Less Intimidating 

Sometimes, walking into a new yoga studio can be one of the most intimidating experiences ever. Whether you are a beginner  or a seasoned practitioner,  it’s not uncommon for the brain to bombard you with ten thousand thoughts like: What if this class is too advanced for you? Everyone in here seems so experienced! What if you can’t do the poses? You probably haven’t worn the right “yoga outfit.” When you need a little support to persevere and enter a new environment, your buddy will be there accompanying you, undoubtedly relieved you’re there as well.

Working Out is More Fun

It might seem like we’re emphasizing a little too much on how working out together improves performance! However, the greatest takeaway is without a doubt, how it makes everything much more delightful. Through the sharing of progress, pushing your limits and ultimately creating a bond with someone makes your workout so much more fun. When you enjoy working out it leads you to take on more and challenge yourself further!

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