What is it about

One of the lesser known types, Yin Yoga is a practice that’s unlike any others. Taking elements from traditional Chinese medicine, it goes beyond other Yoga types, offering a much deeper and longer stretch, as well as focusing on energy flow throughout the body.

By holding each pose between 3 – 5 minutes, the Yin tissues (consisting of the softer connective tissues like ligaments and joints) are fully targeted. The body’s energy flow, or Qi, are redirected accordingly as well, via the meridians, releasing any blockages. Specific organs are also targeted, stimulating the elements within our body to ensure proper function. Working in tandem, the body is revitalised and rejuvenated, allowing for greater tension and stress relief. 

Yin Yoga, despite its Chinese elements and name, isn’t based on a religion. Like many other Yoga types, it draws it inspiration from traditional elements to bring about a practice that is truly beneficial. So, join us and increase your tissue health, and walk the journey to wellness.


What are the key takeaways and benefits

  • Understanding and recognising the importance of Yin Yoga, how it complements your Yang (active) lifestyle, and how it differs from other practices (Restorative Yoga, etc…)
  • Enhance your Yin Yoga practice and learn how to reap the maximum the benefits of it (mobility, flexibility, strength)
  • Improve your Kidneys and Bladder health so that it can function the following at the most optimal level:
    – waste excretion
    – reabsorption of nutrients
    – regulating blood pressure 
    – control levels of electrolytes and metabolites
    – regulate blood pH
  • Detox and clear out blockages along the Kidney and Bladder meridians, preventing disharmony that will cause:
    – gynaecological problems
    – genital disorders
    – problems in the kidneys, lungs and throat
    – weakness in the lower limbs
    – emotional problems like anxiety, fear, insecurity, loneliness, pessimistic 
    – backaches and headaches
  • Keeps the Kidney and Bladder meridians in balance to enjoy:
    – higher level of energy, willpower, drive, enthusiasm, positivity/optimism, focus/concentration
    – greater sense of self-worth
    – stronger healthy connections with others


Workshop details (1 hr of theory and 2 hrs of practical)

  • Introduction to Yin Yoga
  • The benefits of Yin Yoga (Physical, Emotional/Mental, Energetic)
  • Fundamental Principles of Yin Yoga and its Practice
  • Overview of our Energetic Body 
  • Asana practices (Seal Pose, Saddle Pose, Child’s Pose) and flow for our Kidney and Bladder Meridians


Who is this workshop for? 

  • Anyone who is looking to gain a deeper insight into your mind and body, whilst deepening your practice

☞ If you’re ready to unblock your Kidney and Bladder Meridians, sign up here.