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Yin Yoga is based on the philosophy of Qi whereby vital energy flows along pathways in the body. Through soothing and restorative Yoga Asanas that are practised in Yin Yoga, it helps turn off that switch that has been turned to high gear. The body and mind are able to relax and release tension through the long supported holds in Yin Yoga.

The Yin Yoga practice helps you identify, investigate, and sit with fears which can lead to a surge of wisdom. In our modern society, fear comes with many faces. Even though it may not be a word we can relate strongly to. Some of its manifestations can be feelings of anxiety, loss of personal power, or feeling generally devoid of incentive and endurance. Yin Yoga steadies the mind, reduces feelings of anxiety, promotes clarity which allows us to be more present in our lives. The practice improves the health of the brain and immune system, reduces blood pressure, improves quality of sleep, and gives us more energy to enjoy life. By cultivating mindful awareness and opening up to invaluable space (space for conscious choice, to create paths), it brings unlimited possibilities for growth and joy to us and those around us.

Energetically, the long passive stresses of Yin practice helps to enhance the body’s subtle energy system. Qi nourishes major organs in the body and their related functions. A harmonious balance of Qi cultivates a harmonious state of equanimity and peace and diminishes emotional reflexive reactivity to open up more space for a compassionate response.

Sometimes, we carry our emotional wounds deep in the cells of the body and it accumulates as time pass. By holding your “issues in the tissues”, it affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually. By holding on to unresolved emotions (be it anger, resentment, long-term grief, feelings of not being good enough, guilt), it can lead to general feelings of unease, unhappiness, anxiety, stress, physical pain, fatigue, and ultimately disease. The deeper physical work of Yin Yoga practice, combined with compassionate contemplation, can help to release these unsettling and disruptive patterns and promote freedom and well-being.

Fear and anxiety can be powerful emotions, but the flip side of that is wisdom. By adjusting our focus, we gain clarity on where these emotions are coming from and how to best address the issues that come along.


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