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Whether you just started Yoga or have been practising for a long time, everyone has their reasons for why they embarked on their Yoga journey. Some may be looking to become more flexible, others for stress relieve, but aside from all these physical benefits, did you know that Yoga is great for your skin too? This doesn’t mean you should get rid of your skin care routine, but it is definitely a bonus incentive to roll your mat out and start practising!


Yoga is much more than a gentle workout (a common misconception amongst many). It’s a full-body experience that targets your mind, body, and soul. Physically, you are flowing on the mat, but your mind is soaking in the mantras of your instructor to bring awareness to your mental state and resolving the physical and emotional tension you feel throughout the day.

Stress and hormonal acne are actually closely related. When you are under lots of pressure, the anxiety levels in your body increases. In response to the situation, your body in turns produces excessive androgens that stimulate the oil glands. Combine this sebum with dead skin cells and bacteria, it clogs up your pores and you got a breakout. This form of acne doesn’t only appear on your face, it can also pop up of your chest, back and many more…

By practising Yoga consistently, reduces your stress level through breathing exercises and mindful flows, it “eases any inflammation.” Relax the mind, body and balance the hormones floating around trying to wreak havoc on your skin.



When your digestive system is not working regularly, the body is unable to absorb the skin-loving nutrients that come from fruits and vegetables, causing dull skin and acne. The more you practice Yoga, the better the body detoxes, meaning less pollution to muddle up your skin!

Studies have shown that Yoga helps alleviate minor digestive problems and encourage regular and healthy digestion. Poses like Knees-to-chest massages the abdominals and lower back, easing digestion.  Cat and cow pose is also great for stimulating the digestive system. Research has found that helps to ease the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease, and some found it effective in easing irritable bowel syndrome.


When you suffer from poor blood circulation, not enough blood gets to the skin, making you look pale, pasty or dull. At times, poor circulation can also lead to puffiness around the eyes, caused by fluid retention. Getting that circulation moving on a regular basis can help prevent that. A lack of nutrients also slows down healing, making blemishes last longer. Production of collagen can also slow down (key for firm, taut skin), robbing the skin of its ability to hold onto moisture resulting in dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

With good circulation, oxygen and nutrients get to the skin cells, thereby flushing cellular debris away so it can’t sit around and cause problems. Yoga has proven to help stimulate healthy circulation. Research has found that it increases blood flow and levels of haemoglobin and red blood cells, which allows for more oxygen to reach body cells, enhancing their function. Want to get a little flush to your face? Try an inversion pose!


Practising Yoga is one of many natural treatments for keeping skin healthy. Daily skin routines, staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet, will all help you with achieving the glowing skin. So what you put into your body, will be the things that get out! So start showing your body some love today!

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