As the year comes to an end, gratitude is on everyone’s mind. We think about how lucky we are to have our families, friends, homes, food to eat, and all the other things that make our lives richer. Expressing that gratitude is healing – and a yoga mat is a perfect place to reflect on and express those feelings.

Here are some ways Jal Yoga Instructors express their gratitude through their Yoga Practice.


Jal Yoga Instructor Shares How They Express Gratitude Through Their Yoga Practice

1. Inan | Jal Yoga Instructor Shares How They Express Gratitude Through Their Yoga Practice

To Inan, Yoga represents the flow of life. It has its softness at times, and its challenges at other times. It teaches us how to surrender, how to keep our connection with our breath, and how to live in the present moment.

Every morning as she steps onto her mat, she feels an appreciation of how lucky she is to be able to move freely – having a healthy body and mind. By cherishing every breathe that she takes, it makes her aware that she is alive, and reminds her of the beautiful family that she has that makes her feel complete.

“By practising gratitude through Yoga, it gives me the chance to accept and love myself just the way I am, and to handle the challenging moments of life as a natural consequence of living. Yoga is a wonderful practice to create body and mind awareness. Understanding how the body works, how each movement affects the way you feel and the way you breathe is priceless. As my awareness enhances through each practice, I truly cherish the miracle of life. Being a part of Jal family, where I interact with wonderful souls has enriched my life in Singapore. To go through this journey together with these souls makes me feel blessed. ”


Jal Yoga Instructor Shares How They Express Gratitude Through Their Yoga Practice

2. Krishna | Jal Yoga Instructors Share How They Express Gratitude Through Their Yoga Practice

To Krishna, he finds that gratitude comes from the quality of the soul. “It doesn’t depend on how much we possess, when we are aware of it with soul consciousness, we give thanks for whatever we have. No matter how little or how much.”

Gratitude is one of life greatest resource, containing the power to change people’s life. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the lack of gratitude is a disease that fills our lives with discontentment and emptiness.

He strongly believes in the concept of gratitude works wonder for many. That’s why in Yoga, it teaches that even the smallest aspect in the world is appreciated and thanked. From showing gratitude to the nature around us,  to every single movement in our practice.


Jal Yoga Instructor Shares How They Express Gratitude Through Their Yoga Practice

3. Hazel | Jal Yoga Instructors Share How They Express Gratitude 

For Hazel, the best way she practices gratitude is through Pranayama and Meditation. ” Through breathing and turning my thoughts inwards, I feel more restored and at peace with myself, which allows me to be at peace”  By connecting with the present moment, it helps us accept ourselves exactly as we are, can help us view life from the heart with gratitude and without judgement.

Here’s how you can start to express your gratitude through your Pranayama and Meditation practice. As you sit, go with your awareness of the breath. By becoming aware of your body through the breathe, expand your awareness through the breath and the body to the moment. Fell the cushion under your sit bones and the mat under your legs. Feel the space around your body and the ait that surrounds you as you breathe in. It nourishes you, heals you and brings your mind and body to life, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself.


Share with us how Yoga helps you express your gratitude!


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