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Did you think that that humans are the only ones who can do yoga, if so you are mistaken! Today, we bring you pictures of adorable animals who can have mastered Yoga in their own unique manner. Watch them get their their Namaste on, whether they are lying on their back, or concentrating intensely, some of them can do it all!

Above Photo: oddstuffmagazine

1)  Chest Stand

Photo: Designswan

2) Going into the Downward Facing Dog

Photo: Life With Dogs

3) Morning Stretch with Upward Facing Dog

Photo: Srivallika

4) Wide Seated Forward Bend Demonstrated by Yoga Bear

Photo: Buzzfeed

5) Evening Cobra Pose

Photo: Galleryhip

6) Happy Baby Pose

Photo: Youtube

7)Lemur In Half Lotus Pose

Photo: Damn Funny Pictures

8) Getting into the Plow Pose

Photo: Unknown

9) Seal Pose

Photo: omsunshine

10) Moving into Crow Pose

Photo: Johndrysdale

11) Savasana with the baby lion cub

Photo: Reddit

After watching this adorable animals get master the art of stretching, are you inspired to do so yourself?

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