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Jet lag is truly the worst! Sometimes it can completely throw your energy off, making you feel drained, sluggish and exhausted. Jet lag is the last thing you want to deal with when arriving in a gorgeous new destination or coming back from an epic holiday, waking up at an ungodly hour then falling asleep into your food at lunch. But all is not lost, try these 5 Yoga poses to alleviate your jet lag!

1) Comfortable Seated Pose

Give yourself a break and allow your body to adapt to its new surroundings. The Comfortable Seated Pose is a gentle pose that allows you to take a moment of silence to familiarised yourself with a new environment. When travelling, you accumulate air and movement in the body and mind. This pose aids you to feel more rooted and grounded!

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2) Cow Face Pose

Open your chest, shoulders and hips with the Cow Face Pose. Those body parts usually suffer the most from sitting in cramped airplane seats for hours to come. Practice it to become more grounded after being up in the air all day.

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3) Camel Pose

The Camel Pose is great for those who want to recover from their jet lag as it reduces anxiety and invigorates the mind. Lift your spirit and boost your mood by practising this pose!

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4) Happy Baby Pose

Calm your mind and ease your stress with the Happy Baby Pose. Happy Baby Pose helps alleviate tension in your legs, back, and groin after being cramped in tight spaces on long flights.

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5) Supine Spinal Twist

Cleanse your body and foster the natural detoxification process with Supine Spinal Twist. It helps improve your digestion and acts as a natural remedy for digestive issues that results from jet lag. By twisting, the digestive system gets stimulated which results in fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to flow back into your organs.

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