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2nd & 3rd Jun
kinetic master class
2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd Jun
Junior Flyer course
Aerial Yoga for kids
27th to 29th Jul
wheel yoga
teacher training
31st Aug to 2nd Sep
kids' yoga
teacher training
Dig deep, reach high.
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jal infrared heat yoga
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Upcoming events & workshops

junior flyer course (aerial yoga for kids)

6th, 9th, 16th & 23rd June

kinetic master class

2nd & 3rd June

teachers' training

wheel yoga teacher training

kids' yoga teacher training

27th to 29th July

31st August to 2nd September

jal aerial yoga

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jal is
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At Jal, we believe in the unfettered potential of the human mind and body. Our classes are structured to be challenging and engaging, all in a deeply caring and supportive environment. Together, we will reach greater heights and go further not just in fitness but life itself.
Dig deep, reach high, do what you cannot do.
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Not a member yet?
Pick any class we offer and see how you like it!
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Jal Wheel Yoga Teacher Training

    What is Jal Wheel Yoga Teacher Training all about? “If you want to learn, learn from the best.” There are many props that can incorporate in a Yoga practice, but Yoga Wheel is definitely the...

Challenge Yourself With Personal Training

🔥Let us be your driving force! Level up with Personal Training🔥 Are you getting bored with your usual routine? Have you progressed beyond the regular practice and have plateaued in your practice?...

4 Reasons Seniors Need Reformer Pilates

As we age, we will slowly put on weight, become less flexible and mobile, and start to develop different medical conditions. The key to a healthier retirement life has to lie in maintaining a good...

Active Retirement Life – Reformer Pilates for Seniors

Many seniors start to lose their balance, flexibility and endurance over time. They will find strains and tensions in many parts of their body. Also, with the lost of muscle strength and...

*NEW DATE ADDED!* Junior Flyer Course (Kids Aerial Yoga)

Save the dates parents! Upcoming Kids Aerial Yoga Workshops! Junior Flyer Course Is your child a climber, a little monkey, or a ball of energy? Allow them to put their creative energy to good use at...

Yoga For Senior: How To Get Healthier With Yoga

Healthy eating and exercise can prevent the occurrence of disease and injury, keep the physical body in good shape as well as keep the mind sharp. However, as we age, majority is likely to struggle...

Why Kids Aerial Yoga Is So Beneficial?

Photo credits: Studio N Photography - Natalie Mancino Kids Aerial Yoga has the same benefits of typical Kid’s Yoga, but there are also additional sensory cognitive and health benefits. The kids will...

Yoga For Senior: Walk further, be happier, live fuller!

In most cases, Yoga is a highly recommended exercise for seniors! Yoga actually serves as a natural antidote for aging. Life after retirement is a new beginning. Do not be constrained in the small...

How Inversions Can Help You Everyday

Home, office, home, office – aren’t we are all tight down to the daily mundane with little time for ourselves? Stress, lack of sleep, insomnia, unable to focus and concentrate, fall sick easily,...

5 Reasons Why We Need Wheel Yoga

Do you have aches and pains that normal stretches cannot be soothen? Are you feeling the tensions and strains at certain parts of body? Do you have phobia of attempting a challenging pose? You can...

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