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Have you ever tried hot yoga? If you’re wondering what it is, it’s simply practising yoga in a room where the temperature is turned up to 40 degrees Celsius or more!

Hot yoga has been around for decades now, and many people have tried it thinking that the perspiration from doing it helps to lose weight and detoxify the body. This may not be the case.

Hot yoga is practising in a hot room and if the yoga trainer isn’t careful enough, this can lead practitioners to suffer from heat stroke.

The body naturally sweats when in a very hot room to help cool it down. But the potential hazard posed by hot yoga is that there simply is no way for the body to cool down because the room temperature is hot.

Add to that, if there are up to 20 people in the room, their body temperature can add to the humidity.

On the other hand, infrared heat yoga uses safe and healthy infrared heat that directly targets the practitioner’s body, and not the environment surrounding him or her.

That means heat directly lands on the body while keeping the room cool.

Infrared heat is safe and is in fact used in medical applications, such as warming painful joints or frozen shoulders in adults.

Infrared heat yoga also uses humidifiers to ensure that cool air circulates in the room, avoiding the possibility of the practitioners suffering from exhaustion, nausea, loss of breath, and heat stroke.

Pros & cons of Hot Yoga and Infrared Heat Yoga


Hot Yoga
  • Can increase the flexibility of your body compared to other forms of yoga
  • Can help detoxify your body
  • Can give you glowing skin
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • May boost heart health
  • Practising yoga in a room with increased temperature can cause heat stroke
  • Detoxification is not proven because the sweat only comes from the skin, instead of the internal organs such as the liver, where the toxins reside.
  • It may result in dehydration, which may not result in glowing skin because of the skin moisture dissipating
  • On the contrary, hot yoga may cause heat stroke and a weaker heart
Infrared Heat Yoga
  • Can make the body more flexibility and limber
  • Removes toxins stored in the body
  • Aids in healing
  • Promotes skin health and weight loss
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress
  • It is a healthier option than hot yoga as it is safer, and is even applied in medical settings to help newborns fully grow and to aid in the healing of painful and immobile joints among adults.
  • Infrared heat can only be felt within up to 3 metres from the heat source, larger rooms may need several heating devices
  • Infrared heat can pass through the glass so heaters should not face windows
  • Heating panels may not be suitable for very cold weather

Why is Infrared Heat Yoga getting popular?

Because of the potential risks of practising yoga in an oppressively hot room, infrared heat yoga is gaining popularity as a better option for many practitioners.

Infrared heat is safe and penetrates the body within, thus aids in detoxifying internal organs instead of merely causing the body to sweat.

Infrared heat yoga also involves the use of humidifiers, making sure that the practitioner is not going to faint out of heat exhaustion.

Is Infrared Heat Yoga actually better than Hot Yoga?

For many reasons, yes, it is. Infrared heat is radiant heat, a form of energy that heats objects directly without having to heat the surrounding air.

Your body feels pleasantly warm without you feeling the exhaustion in a hot room. The heat in infrared heat yoga is therapeutic, not oppressive.

Infrared heat yoga helps increase circulation, alleviate aches, and revitalize your body with a sense of wellness and warmth from within.

To top it all, infrared heat is completely healthy and safe.

Who will benefit most from Infrared Heat Yoga?

Just about anyone can benefit from Infrared Heat Yoga, especially if you need to be more flexible, have stronger muscles, or if you desire to detoxify, have healthy looking skin, and achieve an overall sense of wellness.

With Infrared Heat Yoga, you are like soaking up the warm goodness of sunshine, without having to stay outdoors and squint your eyes because of the bright sun. Experience warm healing from within!


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